Revlons Photo Ready Cream Blush in 'Pinched'

I bought Revlon’s cream blush from boots the other day, it was featured in my previous post, not a spontaneous decision as I have been on the look out for a cream based blush for a while, however I have ended up having mixed reviews on this product. Revlon is famous for its amazing colourstay foundation and so I had high expectations for the blush, I wanted a cream blush for the glowing and sheen finish rather than a matte cheek, and I didn’t want to spend a great amount so Revlon’s photo ready blush seemed perfect and for the acceptable price of £7.99.

The pros of this product are the shade and the finish, the tone is a lovely, understated peachy pink, which is buildable and not too harsh looking- great for pale skin, and the finish is also very pretty. However the cons are the fact that I had to apply quite a fair amount for this (to be quite frank) quite bare, hardly there finish, the products pigmentation is generally pretty poor, and I can see my self using this up fairly swiftly which is annoying. I realise this colour isn't very bright however I would expect a bit more colour on the first try, The concept may be that this product is targeted at people who like a lighter cream and buildable finish, however I just ended up dipping my finger in the pot more times than I thought i'd need too.

Overall this blush gives a nice subtle sheen and a very natural nude colour, however I am unsure as to whether I would purchase this or any of the shades in the future. I will defiantly be having a shop around for cream blushes from various other brands before I dive back into the Revlon pool.
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