I met SWalkerMakeup!

(please forgive the way I look- I was working, lol)

So yesterday I very randomly banged in to the glamorous and personally my number one youtuber Sara Walker AKA swalkermakeup in Leeds city centre, I have been watching her videos since I was 16 and have just loved all her content and her personality throughout her youtube career.  I was out working (club promoting) and she just suddenly walked past me with her mum, boyfriend and brother, It was actually quite a moment, and I actually ended up crying... yep that’s right I shed a tear for the woman who opened my eyes to the online beauty world, haha, She was a lovely girl in person, exactly the same as she is in her videos, polite and very sweet and it was such a pleasure to meet her, and I got a cheeky tweet from her too!
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