Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Skincare: Argan Oil night repair serum

You all know by now that I’m a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to beauty and skincare, and can simply never resist trying a brand out when it has such a dreamy price tag! My most recent budget buy was this Argan oil night repair serum from the shop, Savers(if you aren't from the UK its basically a cheap drugstore) which I picked up for just £1.99, I got muddled a few weeks back thinking it was £2.99 when I posted a picture of it on Instagram, but it is actually a quid cheaper and that is just mad considering most night serums and oils aren’t much under 20 quid. I admit that this may not be the best night treatment on the market, but actually it’s definitely up there with some of the drugstore skincare products, also the packaging is just so lovely, how can something be so beautifully packaged and priced so low?! 

I have been using this product every evening before my moisturiser (willingly putting aside my beloved kiehl’s midnight oil to give an honest review) and actually it is a pretty good little product. The consistency is a bit odd, as its quite white and creamy and just not really what I was expecting, and the smell is quite similar to their hair products, however once applied to the skin you actually feel that your skin is a lot more moisturised than usual and it instantly gives you a little glow. In the morning my skin feels fresh and still moisturised so I know that it has done its job of repairing and conditioning my skin to some degree. This may not be a cult beauty product, however for the price it is a great little item to have in your skincare regime, especially for someone new to serums and oils or someone just on a bit of a budget. 


  1. I recently also bought some oil, love it!


  2. Thought you might like to know that these are selling for just a £1 in Poundland! :-)

  3. I'm off to Poundland (thanks for that tip) to buy the lot as I am very impressed with this product. I'm in my 40's and have oily skin (yes it has been a complete pain) and so was a wary of using anything with the word "oil" in it on my skin. I started out using it in the less oily area's of my face with good effect and steadily built up confidence with it and now I use it day and night as it dramatically reduces the amount of sebum/oil my skin produces. It is lovely and light on the skin, I find cream moisterisers far too heavy on my skin. Simply, I love it.


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