The Natural Collection makeup line and myself go way back, almost 7 years to be precise. I remember making my first ever purchase at the makeup stand in super drug when I was the tender of 13, experimenting with the basics. (I then of course moved on to miss sporty and co... and well, you know the rest.)

I have always loved the natural collection brand for being cheap, approachable at any age, looking natural on the skin, and for having products which never fail to leave me impressed. I have dabbled within the line, from their eye products, to bases. However my heart leans more towards their blushes, which are just so natural, pretty and wearable and for such an affordable price.

The (in my opinion) ultimate blush from the line is ‘pink cloud’ which I’m sure will ring many bells for other natural collection enthusiasts out there. It is a perfect shade of pink that has always looked pretty and natural on my cheeks as if it were a natural flush. And so the other day, I decided to reignite my relationship with the blush and finally repurchase it. I also went for the ‘peach melba’ shade which caught my eye predominantly because there is a blush from MAC identical to this, with the same name and shade, (so I thought i'd pick the cheaper option, you know.)

This blush, as well as pink cloud, is an amazing shade, a slightly subtler hint of peach with a dusting of bronze onto the cheeks, which gives a lovely glow to tanned skin. These blushes aren’t cream based (which are my fave type)  however for a power blush they are simply divine, and for the price of, what I think to be around £2 they are fab. All the shades from the collection are wearable, soft and very similar to higher end brands, and the finish is very suited to all ages.

My only, and very small gripe with the blushes though are the very light pigmentation which mean they don’t stay ‘perfect’ all day, after 8 hours or so the blush tends to fade, not ridiculously but enough to have to re apply, however if we consider the price, the issue isn’t really worth moaning about is it? Overall fantastic blush’s and I am very excited to be using them again after such a long break.

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