Monday, 6 May 2013


I love a glowing, fresh foundation look, and so after running out of my Revlon colourstay I decided to try something new, something with a more of a dewy finish. I opted for Bourjois healthy mix as I have heard so much hype over this foundation, and that it was the best for a dewy and glowing finish, some even compared it to Narrs glow (which I would love to try in the future) however at the affordable price of £10.00 this one has done the trick. The foundation I bought uses the new formulation, I have never used this foundation before and so I cant compare, but the finish is pretty, fresh and dewy, as well as giving a great coverage on the skin. This foundation is famous for its fruity and healthy ingredients, which I think is a major plus for the skin. The only down side, which is predominantly my fault, is the shade of the foundation, I think have miss judged my colour and opted for a much darker shade than I thought, as it is a tad to dark on my skin, however this was my own mistake, and I think if i was to be matched up correctly this would be my favourite foundation yet. 


  1. cool blog :) I love that dress/top you're wearing in your profile pic, it's gorgeous! xoxo

  2. I just love the smell of this foundation! It's a pity though because I find it just a little too dewy for me as I have oily skin
    Great post

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  4. been wanting to try out this foundation for ages, heard all about how good it is!

  5. I bought this a few days ago and I am not that impressed with it - although I have dry skin x


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