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The Primark Winter Coat

For a moment then I thought we had stepped into spring, after all it is march, then quite suddenly, snow appears and so I took this very rare opportunity to get a few more wears out of this fabulous winter coat until I stash it away for next winter. This item I picked up around December time from Primark for I think near the £20 mark, I just had to have it, especially after top shop brought out a coat similar for triple the price. I think this style of coat is known as 'granddad', or perhaps more generally just oversized ‘blazer esc’ coats. I love the way they create a very chic look teamed with any outfit, as well as keeping you snug and cosy. The blazer look is very in season, especially oversized and so you can get away with looking great whilst staying warm. I teamed it with my leather leggings and just a black top, however it does go with most neutral and pastel colours so it a great item to have in your winter wardrobe.
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