Gwynedds SS13 Collection - Fashion meets Fitness

I was recently contacted by a PR agency regarding the clothing brand ‘Gwynedds’ on their new spring/summer collection, which is centered around sports wear but still incorporating that fashionista feel at the same time.

Now I would never promote a brand which I do not like, or are not really a fan of the idea however this brand took hold of my attention somewhat, as I am a big believer in fitness and think its important to feel your best when your going to the gym, for a run or taking part in any form of physical activity. I am also a big fan of fashion and feeling good whilst working out, as usually us girls stick to baggy t-shirts and dull leggings, so this concept seemed like a great idea to make exercise and fitness cool and stylish.

The line has a few cool and unique pieces, I have added these three pictures to display the items that I found the most intriguing and out there. I just think the incorporation of style within the sports gear is great for fashion conscious people, or girls who just want to look good whilst working out. Slouchy and lose seem to be the main key words to use whilst evaluating the clothes, they look comfy but stylish and would be great for any size and shape.  I would also consider wearing a few of the items on any other day, as some of them I could see being worn day to day rather than just at the gym.

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