Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day Lotion Review

I have recently been slowly aborting my Dove gradual tan moisturiser, I’m not really sure why, I think I’ve suddenly become lazy with applying it, as it does take a but of elbow grease to rub in without leaving faint streaks on your skin the next day. It may also be (and probably more likely) because last week I purchased Garniers Intensive 7 day lotion, this product was a measly £2.99 on offer in boots, and after hearing a lot of good things about it I thought I would give it ago myself, and not feel to bad if it ended up being thrown in one of my many draws of unused products. However I couldn’t have been more wrong, as since buying it I have been using it religiously and its quickly becoming my go to moisturiser.

 For starters it has a great smell and texture, and applies very easily and absorbs instantly into the skin, so when I’m in a rush to get to uni, I don’t have to worry about that sticky residue after applying. I also love the fact my skin stays moisturized all day, as usually I would come home after a long day and notice that my legs and arms were a little dry, but with this product there’s no need to worry.

It’s basically a great product for anyone with a busy lifestyle or someone who hates moisturising, as ultimately it is the key to supple and soft skin. The product includes softening coco butter, which also caught my eye because I know that cocoa butter is renowned for being extra soothing and nourishing on the skin, overall a great product, and I highly recommend it.
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